HOA’s, Special District & Municipalities

We developed a Maintenance Management Solution for HOA’s, Special Districts & Municipalities, which allows them to professionally execute & manage the needed covenant control, preventive and corrective maintenance of all assets within the HDM’s, including but not limited to: landscaping (trees, plant material, floral and sod), fencing, monuments, signage, public art, furniture, specialized equipment, roadways, parking lots, trails, sidewalk, curbs, gutters, site lighting, detention/retention ponds, retaining walls, irrigations systems, pest control, playground equipment, snow removal follow up, water features, storm drainage, trash, graffiti and structures (parking garages, pavilions, bridges, etc.).


We manage and coordinate all the activities and interactions with all facilities-related vendors and service companies on behalf of the HDMs, through this incredible proprietary web based system, where all the assets information is collected and entered with detailed specifications such as physical location with GPS coordinates, photographs, life cycle, and expiration date of each guaranty, etc. The system operates on all mobile devices as well.