We manage and coordinate all the activities and interactions

with all infrastructure & facilities related stakeholders


* Infrastructure & Facilities:

  • Infrastructure & Facilities assets are uploaded into our system (IMMS).


* Preventative & Predictive:

  • Asset information uploaded into the IMMS is detailed with location, status, photographs, life time remaining and warranties data, then scheduled with a set of recommended and agreed upon preventive and predictive maintenance program.


* Corrective:

  • Corrective maintenance is available 24/7 through IMMS and monitored to be executed against the marked urgency level and service level agreements.


* Service assurance:

  • Our Network Operation Center assures that services are executed in a timely matter.

  • Contractors are requested to file and upload a report into the IMMS.

  • All services executed by internal staff and/or contractors are checked physically by our supervisors to ensure proper accomplishment.


* Tracking & Analysis:

  • Reporting & analysis is available & openly exportable at any time (data can be analyzed in full, by cost, materials, projects, etc.).

  • Reports are tailor-programed to your specific needs and goals.

  • Assistance with forecasting, cost reduction efforts and general budget management.

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